The Pinafore House

The Pinafore House

Zyl Vardos builds unforgettable, artistic, high-quality structures. These may be delivered 'on wheels' OR as a modular structure, and are typically able to be shipped anywhere in North America.

Zyl Vardos has been building tiny houses and similar structures since 2007, which places us as one of the most experienced builders in the field. We have the best in-house 'concept to creation' ability of any tiny house builder. Because of this, our tiny houses are recognized worldwide as some of the most charming, memorable, and functional structures of their type.

The founder, Abel Zyl, has been creating architectural and unusual tiny structures since the beginning of the modern tiny house movement, and is a founding member of the American Tiny House Association. He (and his work) have been featured on HGTV, National Geographic News, Forbes Magazine, OPB’s State of Wonder, ADR Germany TV, The San Francisco Globe, and in the book Tiny Homes on the Move, by Lloyd Khan.




Here at Zyl Vardos I spend my time designing and building small structures, studios, and modular art structures. These begin as a pencil sketch, then become a model, and finally a fully-developed design containing thousands of rendered parts. This is very difficult work, but it is immeasurably rewarding. Indeed, this is what keeps me going at the end of the day.

I founded Zyl Vardos in 2007 after having built a wide variety of structures since 1994. I have been in the building trades since 1992. My workshop is in my hometown of Olympia, WA, USA. From the start, I worked hard to make it a place where artistry and function become one. Now, it has become a place unlike any other in the world. Here, we can create all the elements of a project: windows, metalwork, doors, cabinetry, and other fittings.

I created the structures you see on this site with the support and encouragement of people like you. And I could never do this difficult work without the amazing carpenters and thinkers that work with me every day. 

If you keep dreaming... I'll keep building. 


Abel Zimmerman Zyl - Founder/Owner/Engineer

Abel Zyl at his office - the 'Squirrel Hut'

Abel Zyl at his office - the 'Squirrel Hut'