The Ark is an unusual tiny house. It is loosely based on the Fortune Cookie design, but with 'eyebrow' window groups that run the entire length of the house. It has really great 'openness' inside, and two lofts!

Here is what is included:

  • 22' floorplan. It has a 32' roofline, so the lofts are cantilevered outward.
  • Handmade entry door, awning, and entry windows.
  • Kitchen with range/oven, large sink, fridge, pantry, and overhead cabinets. 
  • 2 sleeping lofts. One has doors for privacy.
  • Small version of Zyl moon windows on each end, that open for cross ventilation.
  • Stock tank soaking tub with shower curtain ring.
  • Built in armoire, desk, and linen closet.
  • Drop down dining table
  • Bar/storage cabinet across from kitchen
  • Cedar interior, non-toxic tung oil finish, and cork floor
  • Heat recovery ventilator
  • Cedar shingle roof