18' Bianca Caravan

18' Bianca Caravan

The Bianca Caravan is a more compact design by Zyl Vardos. It is meant for traveling, so it is a smaller form than our tiny houses. Interior headroom is really wonderful though, better than any RV I have ever been in. Utilities are simple and essential: propane range and hot water for kitchen and showering. All the woodwork really gives it a 'magnetism', and is gorgeous besides. 

Here is what is included:

  • 18' x 7.5' main floor, 6500lb

  • Handmade Dutch door

  • Fold down entry steps

  • Kitchenette with sink, 2 burner range, cutting board countertop, and lots of drawers/storage

  • Icebox hidden in a cabinet with a hinged oak cutting board on top, storage cubbies below OR compact refrigerator in a custom cabinet

  • Raised, queen size bed at front end

  • Under-bed storage accessible from outside

  • 6 solid fir, double french windows

  • Stainless shower, cedar plank shower door

  • Wraparound benches, seats flip up for storage

  • 1 huge pantry cabinet, floor to ceiling, lots of drawers and compartments

  • Cedar interior walls/ceiling and cork floor

  • Propane tank hot water heater OR electric tank water heater

  • Roll-away wastewater tank (couples with sink/shower outlet)

  • 12v power system OR 120v power system

... it has a woodsy but incredibly functional layout. Honestly, it could easily be lived in full-time. It feels like a classic boat, but with more headroom.