Notice: Zyl Vardos is currently booked well into the future - so our books are closed for new builds. Feel free to check back from time to time - we will post updates here on the website!


Every project is cohesively designed and built, right in our workshop, so there is usually a queue. Time to complete a project depends on complexity. We prioritize quality over production speed.

Artistry, safety, and function are my first priorities. Zyl Vardos builds 100% custom projects, and builds them in the sequence they were booked. Our structures are built to last many decades, up to the better part of a lifetime... just keep that in mind. New designs usually take a little longer to assemble than those we have built before.


We typically ask for 20% down as a placeholder, 60% at project start, and the final 20% upon completion, just prior to delivery.  If you elect to cancel, the 20% placeholder is generally considered non-refundable. You can reserve a build spot, even if you don't know exactly what you want included in your project. We do ask for a solid agreement about project specifics and inclusions 30 days in advance of the start of building.

Financing? Zyl Vardos is a small business, so we don't offer payments or financing. If we are creating a house that will be placed on the ground, your local bank or credit union will be the best way to get a loan for your project. 

Sales Tax

If you are a resident of WA, you will need to add sales tax to the total cost. The amount depends on what city you live in, but it usually about 8.9%. >>>NOTE: We are not currently building tiny houses deliverable within Washington State. This is due to the fact that tiny house codes are in a transitional state within Washington. Things should evolve, but this takes time. Stay tuned for updates! <<<