Fortune Cookie Features

  • Handmade windows and doors with low-E insulated glass: 4 casement windows (one in loft), arch top entry door, and one Zyl Moon window
  • compact electric tank hot water heater (propane on-demand available as an add-on)
  • High quality electric convection heater, 1000w (other heaters available)
  • Stainless shower enclosure, fiberglass base pan
  • Strand bamboo or cork (other floors available)
  • Cedar siding, trim, and roof on Fortune Cookie. Onduvilla Roof available.
  • Mahogany or birch ply interior (other interiors available)
  • Kitchenette with 2 burner propane OR induction range, sink and compact refrigerator
  • Handmade armoire closet
  • Queen size sleeping loft with Zyl ladder
  • Unique ventilated roof/wall structure, designed for high performance in wet and/or hot climates
  • Fold down table made of reclaimed wood/plywood
The Original 18' Fortune Cookie House

The Original 18' Fortune Cookie House