Models & Pricing

Zyl Vardos can create a new, unique tiny house design for you. 

Or you can select a 'model' and customize it to your liking, read on...


Here are a few things to know about pricing:

  • Zyl Vardos projects most commonly range in price from $55,000 to $105,000... price depends on complexity.
  • You may customize your build by adding or subtracting options, and most of our designs can be made longer if desired.
  • We can create an entirely new design. Drafting a house from scratch generally costs 10-15% more than a pre-existing model, all other things being equal.
  • We ask 20% down to reserve a build spot.
  • Shipping is not included in the prices listed below. 

Moon Dragon House

  • $110,500 as pictured
  • 24' x 9' main floor, 13' x 9' loft, 31' overall length, 11,500 lb
  • Large kitchen, Dutch door, Huge loft

Damselfly House

  • $107,000 as pictured
  • 24' x 10' floorplan, 11,500 lb, 12' overall width
  • Large window box over kitchen
  • High ceilings with an incredibly bright, open feel
  • Customizable floorplan

Fuchsia House

  • $95,000 as pictured
  • 24' x 8.6' (roof overhangs 5" on each side) 10,200 lb
  • A nod to Craftsman lines and styling
  • Handmade Dutch door with custom stained glass

Little Bird 'Standard'

  • $75,000 as pictured
  • 24' x 8' main floor, 9,000 lb
  • Main floor sleeping, beautiful entryway with arched transom

Little Bird 'Original Styling' 

  • $97,500 as pictured (woodstove available as an option)
  • 24' x 8' main floor, 10,000 lb
  • Many double-french windows, double-french door
  • Solid oak floor, extra cabinetry/drawers

Pinafore House

  • $94,200 as pictured
  • 22' x 8' main floor, 9' x 8' loft, 9500 lb
  • Fairytale roofline, copper roof
  • Unique stairs with cubby storage

Photo by Guillaume Dutilh

Music Box House

  • $74,500 as pictured
  • 24' x 8', 9,000 lbs
  • Main floor sleeping, optional loft
  • Arched entry door, Onduvilla roof

Ampersand House

  • $85,000 as pictured
  • 24' x 8' main floor, 8' x 8' sleeping loft, 9250 lb
  • Stunning asymmetrical design
  • Shaped windows, matching door

Zenia House

  • $102,000 for 24' version (Note, house pictured is 16' length)
  • 24' x 10' main floor, 6' x 10' loft, 10,000lb
  • Stained glass front windows! 
  • Unique stairs with storage
  • Over-wide design can accommodate ADA layout

Bianca Caravan

  • $58,650 as pictured
  • 18' x 7.5' main floor, 6500lb
  • Shower, kitchenette
  • Under-bed storage accessible from outside
  • Dutch door, fold down steps

Fortune Cookie House

  • Fortune Cookie 22' - $64,000, 18' - $62,000
  • Strong, weatherly design, good for colder climates
  • Sleeping loft with unique armoire/ladder cabinet

Dewdrop House

  • Dewdrop 18' -  $68,000 
  • 8' x 18' floorplan, 7400 lbs
  • Raised kitchen with sliding bed
  • Bright interior, available in natural wood or painted

Unique Projects

Over the years, my workshop has refined its ability to build extremely well-designed, functional, and fluid structures. Several of the techniques we use are unique to Zyl Vardos. We prefer to create our windows, doors, cabinetry, fittings and roofing in-house. All these factors combine to gives us awesome creative ability, while at the same time making the most safe, functional structures available in the tiny house world. 

Here are a few examples of what we can build. These are not just daydreams - they can become real, buildable designs for minimal houses, kiosks, public venues, etc.

Let your mind run free, give me a clear vision, and we can come up with a custom design together.

OR simply give me your needs and budget, and let my imagination (and carpenters) create the rest!