Models & Pricing


We are currently closed to new tiny house builds, but may open our queue again in the future. Stay tuned for photos of our ongoing projects! Feel free to check in periodically for updates.


NOTE: Exact tiny house prices are not posted currently, because raw materials costs fluctuate. Our houses generally range in price from $55k to $100k - and are highly customizable. New pricing will be posted when we reopen our build queue. Please feel free to check back periodically for updates.

Here is a little information about our build process:

  • You may customize your build by adding or subtracting options, and most of our designs can be made longer if desired.

  • We are not currently booking new custom designs, though we are widely known for doing so. Please check back periodically for custom build availability.

  • Shipping is not included in the prices listed.

Moon Dragon House

  • Not Currently Available*

  • 24' x 9' main floor, 13' x 9' loft, 31' overall length, 11,500 lb

  • Large kitchen, Dutch door, Huge loft

Damselfly House

  • Not Currently Available

  • 24' x 10' floorplan, 11,500 lb, 12' overall width

  • Large window box over kitchen

  • High ceilings with an incredibly bright, open feel

  • Customizable floorplan, can accommodate ADA layout

Fuchsia House

  • Not Currently Available

  • 24' x 8.6' (roof overhangs 5" on each side) 10,200 lb

  • A nod to Craftsman lines and styling

  • Handmade Dutch door with custom stained glass

Little Bird 'Standard'

  • Not Currently Available

  • 24' x 8' main floor, 9,000 lb

  • Main floor sleeping, beautiful entryway with arched transom

Little Bird 'Original Styling' 

  • Not Currently Available

  • 24' x 8' main floor, 10,000 lb

  • Many double-french windows, double-french door

  • Solid oak floor, extra cabinetry/drawers

Pinafore House

  • Not Currently Available

  • 24' x 8' main floor, 9' x 8' loft, 10,000 lb

  • Fairytale roofline, copper roof

  • Unique stairs with cubby storage

Photo by Guillaume Dutilh

Music Box House

  • Not Currently Available

  • 24' x 8', 9,000 lbs

  • Queen Size Bed Nook on Main Floor (loft avail. as option)

  • Arched entry door, Onduvilla roof

Ampersand House

  • Not Currently Available

  • 24' x 8' main floor, 8' x 8' sleeping loft, 9250 lb

  • Stunning asymmetrical design

  • Shaped windows, matching door

Zenia House

  • Not Currently Available

  • 24' x 10' main floor, 6' x 10' loft, 10,000lb

  • Stained glass front windows!

  • Unique stairs with storage

  • Over-wide design can accommodate ADA layout

Bianca Caravan

  • Not Currently Available

  • 18' x 7.5' main floor, 6500lb

  • Shower, kitchenette

  • Under-bed storage accessible from outside

  • Dutch door, fold down steps

Fortune Cookie House

  • Not Currently Available

  • Strong, weatherly design, good for colder climates

  • Sleeping loft with unique armoire/ladder cabinet

Dewdrop House

  • Not Currently Available

  • 8' x 18' floorplan, 7600 lbs

  • Recently re-engineered for better insulation!

  • Raised kitchen with hide-away queen size bed

  • Bright interior, available in natural wood or painted

Unique and Custom Projects

Over the years, my workshop has refined its ability to build weatherly, functional, long-lasting and artistically fluid structures. Much of the engineering we use is unique to Zyl Vardos, and this is what gives us design flexibility. We typically create our windows, doors, cabinetry, fittings and roofing in-house. But despite all the artistic qualities, ours are also some of the safest, most functional structures available. 

Here are a few examples of what we can build - they look like wild ideas, but this never stopped us from building them. In fact, unusual structures are where we shine. Any of these sketches can become functional minimal houses, kiosks, vacation rentals, etc.

Let your mind run free, give me a clear vision, and we can come up with a custom design together.

OR simply give me your needs and budget, and let my imagination (and carpenters) create the rest!