Bathroom Options

Zyl Vardos offers customizations to create the perfect bathroom for your needs.



Bathtub with hand shower in place of shower stall. We use a galvanized 'stock tank' tub, approx. 4' x 2' x 24” (deep!). Shower curtain "ring" included to hang a curtain around the tub. No additional cost (Other tubs may be installed, additional costs depending on type.)


A flush toilet or Zyl composting commode is included in our designs. If you are interested in a composting toilet for everyday use in your Zyl creation, we recommend an upgrade to the Nature's Head model. Add $500



Sink with custom Cabinetry or Vanity

Zyl Vardos can create simple, minimalist sink spaces or more elaborate vanity and backsplash designs. Price based on design.