Optional Items

You may customize your build by adding or subtracting items from the categories below (we will add links to the photos shortly, for new refer to the list below them):



  1. Longer or wider: email me for pricing. It costs roughly $125 per square foot to add length. This can vary quite a bit depending on the materials your house is made of and the roof design.

  2. A Zyl Moon window. This is my (amazing) 51" round window with four segments, 2 opening, 2 fixed. 2 screens included. $2700

  3. Extra Zyl swing out (casement) or awning windows in SOLID FIR: A sash is one opening glass unit of about 2 sq ft. I am now using the Zyl design, 'mark III'! This integrates the best of modern wood window technology with craftsman-era window design. Very weatherly, quiet, long-lasting, and gorgeous. $800 per sash, opening, includes removable wood frame screen, ~2 sq ft. For a fixed window (not opening) $700 per sash, ~2 sq ft. Many other options are available, dividers, stained glass, and shaped windows… contact me for pricing.

  4. Color! Painted window/door/corner trims. I use top quality paints, because it is better to do this right, than have to redo it after the next wet season. 1 coat stain-blocking primer, 2-3 coats color. $55 per window. Typically about $400-500 for an entire tiny house.

  5. Skylight, including labor for install, 2’ x 2’. Add $1000 (other sizes available)

  6. Opening 2’  x 2’ skylight with crank handle. Add $1300

  7. Double french doors with full glass (divided or not). Add $1200, in place of a Zyl plank style door.

  8. Convert your Zyl door to a dutch door. Add $450

  9. Washer and dryer. Bosch 500 series compact. This is 2 machines, so it takes a bit of space. $3100 There are no 'recommendable' combo units currently available in North America.

  10. Add a turret to your tiny house! 8' high x 7' diameter. Diamond pane acrylic windows on all sides (custom, shaped or leaded glass by quote). $10,000-12,000 depending on the type of house. NOTE: this will be shipped separately and attached on-site, so there may be additional shipping cost. It will interface with a removable section of the roof. It dramatically increases wind load, so you will need to provide small concrete foundation with steel anchors. I can provide specifications.

  11. Bathtub with hand shower (instead of shower stall). I use a deep galvanized 'stock tank' tub, approx. 4' x 2'. Compact, but it fits two adults! No Additional Cost (Other tubs may be installed, additional costs depending on type.)

  12. Extra sleeping loft with Zyl ladder. Add $1075. Price can vary a little if we have to modify the design to accommodate.

  13. Metal roof. Custom curved to the house, your choice of current colors. Prices fluctuate... call for an estimate. Not available for some rooflines. Note: for a 20' Fortune Cookie, the curved metal roof adds about  $850 to the cost.

  14. Zyl Composting toilet OR porcelain flush toilet included. You must be connected to septic or sewer to use a flush toilet.

  15. Natures Head composting toilet. Really nice design. Add $400

  16. Floor options (prices for a 22’ x 8’ floorplan): Strand bamboo is included, available in many colors. Commercial linoleum for bathroom is included. Add $200 for cork. Add $850 for oak or maple with Osmo European oil finish. Other materials available, just ask.

  17. Stained glass panel in one window or sector of round window, artistically done by Mansion Glass of Olympia. Cost depends on design, but they tend to add $450-1000 to the cost of your project.

  18. Compact propane range with OVEN instead of 2 burner cooktop. Think cookies. Add $340

  19. Wood burning stove! Includes code compliant hearth, double wall stovepipe, and chimney system. This is only available for certain types of projects. Add $2500

  20. Direct vent propane heater. Requires no AC to operate, so it will keep you warm during power outages or for off-grid use: Add $450. If you would like a Newport P9000: add $700.

  21. Class B fire resistant siding and roofing (recommended for wildfire areas), materials prices fluctuate, inquire for pricing.

  22. Dance Party in your new tiny house, to celebrate its completion. No additional charge.