Zyl Vardos Windows and Doors

Zyl Vardos is known for unique and breathtaking window and door designs. Windows are available for purchase separately from our structures, email us for more information.


Zyl Moon Window

The Zyl Moon is a Zyl Vardos original design- a 51" round window with four segments, two that open, two that are fixed. Two screens are included. Beautiful, weatherly and attention-getting. Truly an amazing design!
Add $2700. 

Zyl Casement and Awning Windows

Zyl Vardos-designed and constructed Casement (swing out) or Awning windows in solid Fir. We integrate the best of modern wood window technology with craftsman-era window design. Very weatherly, quiet, long-lasting, and gorgeous. Pricing is based on number of sashes. A sash is one glass unit of about 2 sq ft.

Opening-Add $850 per sash, includes removable wood frame screen
Fixed-Add $700 per sash


Stained Glass & Custom Shape Designs

We can create a stained glass window, or replace the glass in an existing window with stained glass  created by local glass-artist, Mansion Glass of Olympia. Cost depends on design, but approximately $200/sq ft.

Custom window shape? Try us!... please contact us for a quote.



A fixed 2x2 skylight - Add $1000 (other sized available; price based on size)

An opening 2x2 skylight with crank handle - Add $1300



Double French Doors

Full glass panes, available divided or not.  $2200


Zyl Dutch Door

Most of our doors may be converted to a Dutch door.   Add $450 to convert.