The Pinafore is a very special house. The floor plan is just about perfect, and my favorite hands down. Here are its notable features, as you see it in the photos:

  • Copper roof
  • Cedar exterior
  • Handmade windows and doors, 2 shaped leaded glass windows!
  • Unique, swept, two dormer roofline... makes a huge sleeping loft
  • Sleeping loft can fit a queen mattress with room to spare
  • Kitchenette with oven, fridge, and wall mount faucet.
  • Shaped Zyl cutting board countertop
  • Electric radiant heater (newport propane heater available for extra)
  • Stainless shower
  • Hardwood floor
  • Cedar interior
  • Closet with plenty of hanging space (for a tiny house)
  • Unique stairs with integrated storage