Completed projects vary in size and weight, and shipping costs can vary quite a bit because of this.

Basic shipping is for up to 12,000lb, 26' length, 8.5' width structure on wheels or removable trailer: $2.35/mile, $200 flat charge for trip insurance. A shipper will typically deliver to an easy to access site, but is not responsible for setup, utility connection, assembly, unpacking, etc. If you need help siting, Zyl Vardos can coordinate your siting project - cost for this is $50/hr, not including labor and equipment needed to accomplish siting. 

It is usually very easy to site a Zyl Vardos house. However, sites vary widely, and sometimes a bit of work or extra equipment is needed. Advice on how to safely site your house is free. The work of siting may cost a little extra if it is complicated. 

Shipping of any structure heavier, longer, wider... and/or farther than what is listed above is possible, but the per/mile cost is somewhat higher and total cost will depend on the specifics of the house and route.

Structures with no wheels can be shipped on a lowboy trailer by a shipping company, price will be determined by quote. Cost of siting stand-alone structures is your responsibility. It may be necessary to have a crane or lift available when the shipper arrives. Zyl Vardos can coordinate your shipping/siting project for $50/hr, not including the actual equipment/labor to site. 

Siting and setup of your project may be extra, depending on the type of foundation, shipping method, and structure of your house. 

Delivery of turrets and solar systems are separate from the project itself. Email me for a quote. 

Winter shipping, especially if any mountain passes must be crossed, will be by special arrangement only. Inclement weather presents a risk and may slow transport significantly. 

NOTE: Do not remove your house from the tow vehicle until it is properly secured using chocks on all wheels. If you are on or near a slope, you may need to use additional specialized restraining devices. 

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