Unique Features of a Zyl Build

Zyl Structures are a unique blend of aesthetics, high-quality materials, and functional design. Our eye for quality, coupled with our awesome in-house ability to create our own architectural elements, completely sets us apart from ANY other small-structure builder in the world. Here are a few of our most notable features:


Sculpted Architecture

Our structures are beautiful to behold, while also comforting to live within


Hand-built Windows and Doors

Solid wood designs, engineered for function and longevity


Natural Materials

To keep you healthy, we source extremely-low-emissions materials and finishes


Hand-fabricated copper and steel roofing

We achieve unique and weatherly roof designs by hand-fabricating them from raw materials. We have 25 years experience in custom residential roof systems.


Stunning Interiors

We design our interiors using traditional AND modern elements. Our interiors are notable for feeling roomy and bright. We can completely CUSTOMIZE your layout.


Flexible Utilities Design

We engineer safe NFPA code-compliant systems for on and off grid use. We offer custom-engineered high-capacity SOLAR systems.