Zyl Vardos Warranty

Here at Zyl Vardos, we create sustainable, functional structures that will stay with you for a very long time. We stand behind the quality of our work. Here is our standard warranty:

  • 5 years: main structure, windows, roof, and doors
  • 3 years: cabinetry and exterior siding and trim
  • 1 year: appliances, excluding those provided by the client

Please contact us immediately upon discovering an item in need of warranty service. This warranty covers issues resulting from normal use. However, the warranty may not apply to damage from: 1) using the structure in conditions for which it was not designed, 2) failure to use seismic or hurricane/wind securement, or 3) moving or towing without proper equipment/preparations/securement. We also do not warrant damage caused by lack of maintenance, or ordinary wear and tear.

If, during the life of your house/structure, you have a question about any part of your structure, please contact us for advice. We are happy to help.

Our designs are built by hand, using natural materials. Small blemishes and imperfections are to be expected -- we believe they add to the beauty and character of each creation. Zyl structures are constructed of quality materials, to residential standards or above, and require similar routine maintenance to a wood-frame house.

We also create custom and unusual art structures. These may have warranty terms that may differ from those listed above. 

All Zyl Vardos creations come with our Use and Care Guide, which includes maintenance instructions and important safety information.